The SDGs and International Refugee Policy – A Critical Reality Check [EN, 45 min]

11.15-12.00 | Nora Stel, Assistant Professor in Governance, Migration and Human Rights at the Maastricht School of Management

The SDG’s offer hope for a better future to all people, but what about vulnerable groups like refugees? How do current European migration policies relate to the promise of the SDG’s?

EU Migration [photo credit: Human Rights Watch]

The Sustainable Development Goals embody a commitment to leave nobody behind in ensuring peace and prosperity across the globe. Some groups of people, however, are much less likely to benefit from this commitment than others. Refugees are one such group. They are considerably more vulnerable to the challenges addressed by the development goals – whether it is poverty and hunger or inequality and justice.

This session explores what the Sustainable Development Goals say about migration, mobility, and forced displacement and how this resonates with international and European refugee policies. The session then turns to the current reality of the European refugee regime and critically questions the gap between this reality and the commitments formulated in both the development goals and relevant refugee policies. Departing from this overview, it invites participants to think about concrete ways in which to better leverage the SDGs to support refugees.

Nora Stel

Dr. Nora Stel is Assistant Professor in Governance, Migration and Human Rights at the Maastricht School of Management. She is also an Affiliated Scholar at Utrecht University’s Centre for Conflict Studies and at the Refugee Research and Policy program at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut. She is specialized in the political anthropology of governance and institutional development in the context of forced migration. She studies these issues through fieldwork-based qualitative research and critical policy analysis, focusing mostly on the Middle East.

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