SDGs? Taste is both the problem and the solution! [EN, 45 min]

15.00 - 15.45 | Dr. Peter R. Klosse, UAS Professor Gastronomy, Hotel Management School Maastricht, Owner at De Academie voor Gastronomie  | T.A.S.T.E.

The world faces serious challenges and many of those involve the current food behaviour. People have been seduced in liking food and drinks that are neither healthy nor good for the environment. Clearly we need a robust food system that will feed our human population, while being sustainable and good for the planet. What is the recipe for the future?

According to Peter Klosse, taste is both the problem and the solution of some major global issues, closely linked to the Global Goals. Neglecting taste has led to the production of cheap and tasteless commodities with low nutritional and added value. Re-introducing varieties with taste will help the people, landscapes, biodiversity and ultimately the planet. Chefs are change agents in the needed transition, they hold the key of ‘tasty’. The better foods need to be just as Convenient, Affordable and Tasty as the foods we ask the people to give up. Klosse calls it the C.A.T. formula. and

Peter Klosse

Dr. Peter Klosse is known as the 'taste professor'. He developed a new theory on the classification of taste. In this new paradigm taste is not something personal, but a product quality that can be classified with the mouthfeel model. Consequently, taste can be adopted to personal preferences. He authored more than fifteen books on the subject. His book in English, ‘The Essence of Gastronomy, understanding the flavor of foods and beverages’ is in the process of being translated in Korean.

Peter Klosse has gastronomic blood running through his veins. His parents were the founders of Restaurant De Echoput in Hoog Soeren, Michelin star since 1967. Peter and his wife took over in 1985 and developed it into a five star hotel. Hotel De Echoput is now directed by the third generation, Peter’s son Karel. Peter Klosse also founded the Academy of Gastronomy, a training institute for food professionals, chefs and sommeliers and T.A.S.T.E a research foundation. He is professor Gastronomy at the Hotel Management School Maastricht.

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