Keynote: Dr. John D. Liu - Acting as A Species on a Planetary Scale [EN, 45 min]

14.00 - 14.45 | Dr. John D. Liu, Founder and Director EEMP, Member of KNAW-NIOO, Ambassador for Commonland Foundation

John D. Liu is an award-winning journalist and educator on global environmental sustainability. While filming the Loess Plateau in China as it was being renatured, Liu realized the enormous potential we have to rehabilitate large-scale environmental damage. Over 400 public presentations highlighting our potential and responsibility to restore degraded landscapes followed. John Liu works in collaboration with numerous prestigious educational institutions. He is a research fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as Ecosystem Ambassador for the COMMONLAND FOUNDATION. John Liu has produced, filmed, written, directed and presented numerous films on Environment and Ecology for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS and other networks.

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