Menu for Future

Participating LesTables restaurants

12:00 pm - 22:30 pm

Taste the future...

Imagine ... it is 2030 - the year we plan to reach the Global Goals. Do we eat the same food as today and if not, what does this new sustainable diet look like? Are we still eating meat or have we switched to mostly plants and insects? What about dairy?

The Global Goals are still unknown to most people in Maastricht. One way to foster deep understanding is by getting people to experience them firsthand. A sustainable diet is not necessarily new, but rather one that connects deeply with the rich culinary tradition of our city: that is to say, local, artisanal, and made with love and respect for people, animals and nature. Like grandma used to cook, but in an innovative way.

During the Act for Global Goals week we work together with chefs from Les Tables [] to offer you a taste of the future. For the symbolic amount of € 20,30 we set the time 11 years ahead to cook an innovative 2 or 3-course menu that is organic, locally sourced and (mostly) vegetarian. Tasty and planet-proof!!


In the coming days, we will introduce participating restaurants via social media and on our website.


Keep an eye out for more!