Global Goals Lesson:

17 Doelen

Maastricht City Hall

9:00 am - 17:00 pm

Empowering the next generation

Education is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development and achieving the Global Goals. The aim is to educate children with the knowledge, values and skills necessary to make decisions and live their lives without compromising the planet. Education for Sustainable Development is about teaching children respect for all living beings, including present and future generations, about teaching them a sense of justice and responsibility and about empowering them to take action.

CNME Maastricht & Regio understands this like no other, which is why, on September 25th, CNME staff and volunteers will teach a lesson about the Global Goals to more than 750 elementary school students in Maastricht. Over 30 groups are participating in this hour long lesson for groups of 7-8 students. This is how we empower the next generation to take action for the SDG’s.

On September 5th, there will be a meetup for all volunteers at Natuurtuinen Jekerdal, to go over the lesson and discuss strategies. Are you interested in participating, please contact John Steijns (CNME)